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Let's Celebrate in Light World!!!

Levitated Saturn - The Beauty

Meet the Beauty Planet Saturn, who is levitated on its platform. It can spin being levitated and enlightened with a very charming view. Such a beauty, right? Let's feel the planet in your hand.

The Magnetic Shining Ring!!!

This lamp is nothing but a mysterious wonder to us. Plugin and pull the magnet upward. The light will start shining with it's brighten beauty. During bedtime, it can feel your mind with a charming sight. 

EyeMate Desk Lamp

Like poetry? Or love reading a book before you fall asleep? Then meet the Poetry Lamp. It's an ultimate eye caring lamp that can enlighten your desk with a soft natural light. No doubt, you will enjoy the handful of features.

The Best or Nothing!!!

Time to brighten your home with luxarious lamps ever.

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My husband gifted me with a moon lamp from Fevolo, telling me, "I have brought the Moon for you" Really, I'm happier than anything else.


I bought the Poetry Lamp for my daughter's desk. She felt a headache with her traditional table lamplight, but the Poetry Lamp was very Charming and relaxed.


My Boyfriend Gifted me a Levitated Saturn from Fevolo. I felt like I have become an Astronaut and touching the Planet My Self. It's Fantastic.