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"Fevolo's Story"


He launched his first high-end restaurant, Jamie’s Italian, in Oxford. Now, for his seafaring venture, Oliver has created a menu full of rustic, fresh Italian dishes that are made in-house every day aboard three of Royal’s ships. Fevolo Family is inspired from Jamie to collect & learn about hygienic sea food recipes.


"The Hidden Secret of Master CHEFS of Making Dishes Delicious is to Make Things in an Artistic Way"


He was just 15 when he arrived in Delhi from Lucknow to assist the legendary chef Imtiaz Qureshi.  Since then, he has more than come into his own. He is a Magician in preparing Traditional Kabab and Biriyani. Fevolo Family is inspired from Ghulam to learn about Mughal recipes that represents way more the historical luxury than a foodies test.


"The Easiest Way of Knowing a Nation is to Test Their Historical and Traditional Foods"


Chef Takeshita will be introducing a new range of his signature creations at Zipangu for lunch and dinner. His Signature specialties consist of appetisers such as Shrimp Bisque Sauce Salad and his selection of assorted sashimi.  Fevolo Family is inspired from Takeshita to learn about Japanese recipes and going through learning the secret of Japanese healthy natural food habits.


"Make your Food Test Green to Live long Like an Ever Green "

Vishion of fevolo

How does it feel to consider yourself as a Global Citizen? We offer you to Experience a Global Cultural Touch. Test several regional recipes, fashion, culture with fevolo family. Accept our warm welcome. Get in touch by subscribing to our family. Stay updated with new cultures, recipes every day. 

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